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How does Bonfire work?

1) Design Product
Use the one of the Best Buddies in Texas campaign designs with your personal twist.

2) Product Selection

Use the Best Buddies in Texas product/price mix, or, if you are designing your own campaign, select the products you want to offer and the price points you want to use.

3) Promote & sell

Link your friends/family/teammates to your campaign page where they can view and buy your products. They can even leave an optional donation!

4) Products are shipped

When your campaign ends, products are printed and shipped directly to your buyers. If there’s ever a problem, Bonfire will make it right no matter what.

5) Profits go to the Best Buddies in Texas

The more you sell, the higher the profit margins will be!

Bonfire is a 100% free way to fundraise with apparel online. 
As a seller, you’ll never be charged a dime. 

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