Maximize your Classy peer-to-peer campaigns with custom apparel 

Connect to Classy 

Connect your Classy account to Bonfire and select the specific Classy peer-to-peer fundraisers to make available for connection. 

Team captains launch & sell 

Team captains launch Giving Campaigns that benefit your organization and connect them to their specific Classy team or event fundraiser. 

Data is synced 

At the end of each Bonfire campaign, donor data is automatically synced with Classy, and the supporters get their shirts. 

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100% free • No inventory needed 

Synchronized donor data that tells the whole story  

Your donor data from Bonfire seamlessly integrates with your Classy campaign, so you never have to worry about fragmented supporter information or diluted fundraising stats. Plus, you can easily sync your data into CRMs that Classy integrates with, like Salesforce. 

Easily check on profit information & status of each Giving Campaign for your organization in your Bonfire Dashboard, including all of the Classy and community DIY fundraisers benefiting your organization. 

Stay up to date in the Bonfire Dashboard 

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Get started with the Bonfire and Classy integration 

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Raise more funds with connected campaigns 

Team Captains can easily connect their Bonfire campaign to their Classy campaign, so all purchases show up on their donor feed. At the end of each batch, we send the donor information to your organization, and your supporters get their new custom shirts. 



Enable the Bonfire Classy Integration to empower team captains to easily sell apparel alongside Classy campaigns and raise additional funds for your organization.