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Upload custom artwork or create your design right on Bonfire.

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Spread the word on social media while we handle everything else.

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Orders ship directly to your supporters, while you get a payout of all the profits.

The 100% free and easy way to raise money and rally support for your cause

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Fundraise for your nonprofit organization 

Don’t let social distancing and a changing economy slow down your fundraising efforts. Keep your donors engaged with a t-shirt fundraiser.

Fundraise for your business

Generate revenue and provide a unique way for your community to show their love for what you do.

Raise funds to make up for lost income

Selling apparel on Bonfire is an easy way to supplement income to help with unforeseen events.

Browse our curated selection of premium t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and more. 

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Fundraise for a nonprofit in need

Support nonprofits in your community directly with Bonfire’s community driven fundraising feature. Simply select the nonprofit you want campaign proceeds to benefit, and Bonfire will automatically donate all funds raised to that organization at the end of your campaign.


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Fundraise for your local food bank

Give back to your community by starting a t-shirt campaign to benefit your local food bank.

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