The Ulman Foundation has partnered with crowdfunding pioneer, Bonfire, to enable 4k for Cancer participants a risk free, cost free, and FUN way to fundraise leading into the 2020 trips!

Fundraise for 4k For Cancer with custom t-shirts!

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How does Bonfire work?

How can I get some help?

Send an email to or use our contact page.

1) Design Product
Use the Ulman Foundation campaign design with your personal twist, or, create your own campaign on Bonfire by uploading custom artwork, adding text and/or free graphics.

2) Product Selection

Use the Ulman Foundation product/price mix, or, if you are designing your own campaign, select the products you want to offer and the price points you want to use.

3) Promote & sell

Link your friends/family/teammates to your campaign page where they can view and buy your products. They can even leave an optional donation!

4) Products are shipped

When your campaign ends, products are printed and shipped directly to your buyers. If there’s ever a problem, Bonfire will make it right no matter what.

5) Profits go to the Ulman Foundation

The more you sell, the higher the profit margins will be!

Minimum Sales Needed to Print

Simply put: it’s the point when your products can be printed at a profit for the Ulman Foundation.

On Bonfire, your minimum sales needed to print is usually a small number, often as low as 5. The number is determined after your design has been uploaded and is determined by the number of colors in the design, the selling prices in the campaign, and elements in the design.

Bonfire is Risk Free!

If you don’t reach your minimum sales needed to print, that means your shirts can’t be printed at a profit. In this case, your campaign simply ends. Your buyers won’t be charged and products won’t be printed and shipped. You can then go back and make changes to your campaign and re-launch whenever you’re ready to try again.

If your minimum sales needed to print is too high, there are several things you can do to lower it. Try reducing the number of colors in your design or leaving one side of your product blank. Raising your selling price will also help.

Bonfire is a 100% free way to sell apparel online. As a seller, you’ll never be charged a dime. 

When your campaign is successful, all of the profits go directly to the Ulman Foundation. Here’s a breakdown of how much and where the rest of the money goes:

Base cost – Each product’s base cost pays for manufacturing, sourcing and printing expenses.

Shipping – For campaign orders, domestic shipping starts at $3.99 and international shipping starts at $9.99. Each product added to your cart from the same campaign increases your shipping cost. Costs stay flat at $11.49 domestic and $21.99 international for larger orders of 4 or more products from the same campaign.

Where do the profits go?


Last day to sign up: May 1, 2020

In order to receive shirts prior to May 31, 2020, all campaign batches must end by May 10, 2020

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Custom Campaign

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Create your own custom campaign with Bonfire!

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